We are happy to announce that our 2020 Call for Makers is now open.

We will be accepting applications till March 1st.   You can find the application here.

We had some fantastic Makes last year and we hope to feature even more at this years Maker Faire.

Tips for filling in your application:

What will be your ‘interactive’ component?

We ask all our Makers to have an interactive component to their booths.  This should be a free activity that is either hands-on, allowing faire-goers to participate directly, or a demonstration that allows them to see how you make and ask questions and interact with you.

Do you have a great picture?

The information you enter into our application form will also be used to populate your Maker entry on the website, should you be approved.  Be sure to include a great picture of you, your work or what you do.

What are your booth requirements?

Will a 10 x 10 suit your needs? Do you need something extra? Is electricity in your plans or can you manage without it? Electricity is limited so if you have a way to run your space without it you have a better chance of being approved.

Did you include the correct contact information?

Make sure that we can get in touch! We send out our approvals, questions and more via email. Make sure that we have your correct contact information and also that you can accept email from @sccl.org

Finally – the application process is a competitive one, make sure that you describe your booth so that the Maker Faire team and the faire goers have a good understanding of what you might be doing.

Questions? Feel free to email gilroymakerfaire@sccl.org and we’ll get back to you.